Vinyl Holy Grail

what did you start it at?

I don’t like taking those risks!


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Was holding out for a 30 year anniversary one last year but alas. They’re probably more interested in releasing new music these days, which I’d usually be all for…

Really want I to Sky on vinyl but only came out on cs

I can only speak for selling in America but the buyer pays the sales tax. Then you pay that back to discogs

I’d love to pick up one of the versions of Torche’s Meanderthal with the die-cut, fold out jacket:

Have never seen one available in the UK for under £200…

Yeah this is very true. On the other hand, companies like this can also shrink the potential market for a proper reissue and ensure that it never happens. Very annoying all round


yeah, but it’s kind of all “subjective” in a way. People are willing to pay a lot for rare records, and then you’re losing a massive chunk of that. I’m not a business.

I could increase the price, i guess, but then i’m still giving a large chunk of whatever the buyer is willing to pay back to discogs. I don’t see why discogs is getting it…

We’re Only In It For The Money is a gigantic minefield in terms of editions (different ‘original’ versions have different levels of censorship) but the main issue is that Zappa digitally remastered the album (very badly) and controversially re-recorded the bass and drum parts in 1984-ish. They sound completely out of place and utterly awful. I suspect what you are looking for is the original stereo LP (the original master is also available on the latest CD/digital edition)

I either have an original pressing, or a professionally made 70s bootleg - it’s hard to tell!

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Is the Deerhunter album renamed from its original title? Or is this pre- tiuf (can’t type that out)

I’ve never actually listened to that, got a feeling they upped the ante considerably for cryptograms. Worth a spin?

Fuck sake is it that much? Was gonna bag a copy of that

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additional point @midnightpunk : ideally, get the original USA stereo LP. It’s less censored than the UK version

Discogs gets a peace because without their platform it would be very hard to find someone willing to pay alot for the niche record. It’s a very small market. As soon as you list it they email alert to everyone collector who wants it. I mean that’s about as good marketing as you could get for selling a record. That has to be worth something.

This sounds like a dream tbh.

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the one on eBay that is tempting me has a different catalogue number.

I do think I’m looking for blue Verve but could be wrong.

sure. but that’s where the 8% comission comes in, surely??

yeah i think the original US stereo LP has the blue label

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From the link you erm link, which is super helpfu.l I think it’s the 2nd one from the top that I’m after.

yeah, I agree :slight_smile:

On your copy are the tracks separated or do they flow into each other rather like 3 feet high and rising?