Vinyl Want/Got/Swap/Sell


Must be plenty of you on here who have decent vinyl collections. There’s always the odd record though where you look at it and can’t fathom why you own it.

Thought it might be worth having a thread where we can post which records we are happy to sell/swap and those we want/are hunting for?

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Good idea, but might be easier to manage / administer if everyone signs up here.






gonna set up a discogs later - got some muck to sell


I’m after EARTH The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull. Got it on cd but it’s beautiful and I need to have it on vinyl.
Got offered one on Discogs for 70 Euros but holding out for cheaper.


Anyone want to sell a vinyl copy of Axes by Electrelane?

Mint seems to be 40euros on discogs.


I have a Devendra Banhart 2LP of Nino Rojo / Rejoicing in the Hands that I am not too fussed about. Plus a Mono LP I picked up at a gig but never listen to: Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined


Might as well throw this out there: if anybody has International Velvet by Catatonia on vinyl and wants to sell it. I’M INTERESTED.


Can’t help you with an Axes but do have a power out I wouldn’t mind selling/ swapping.

Any sixteen horsepower fans out there? Got an extra sealed mint Olden (double live album) and Folklore.

definitely got a few others too but i will have to check.