Someone with only 600 records edits a website about vinyl. Do me a fucking favour.

And this article is almost parody it’s so ridiculous. He’s too cheap to buy a seven inch adaptor to play his (American with a large centre hole) 45s. You can get the plastic ones for two or three dollars!

He writes: “Adding new records is a painstaking process. Discogs allows you to enter these records, but then you become the person responsible for getting all the facts that make cataloging your records take forever.”

I reckon he thinks that Discogs insists that you fill in every section for each record. He probably doesn’t realise that all you need to do is the basics. You don’t even have to upload a photo.

And he’s Collector of the Month here even though he’s got so few records that it’s not actually a ball ache to move house with them.

Or am I being unfair?

It’s only records, pal.


Sounds kind of snobby.

People’s ability to enjoy and appreciate music or a medium relies on their ability to afford to buy loads of it and have the luxury of space and a stable home to store loads of it?


If he’s got 600 records then the title of this thread should have been ‘Vinyls’ tbh tbf m9…

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I did not have that many records when I was 15.

Okay, he might seem a bit clueless, but isn’t ‘collector of the month’ more about who has the better story to tell, rather than who has the biggest collection?

Good records don’t have to be expensive.

I don’t live in a big place. I got record shelves from my local Freecycle and carried them home in three trips.

His story is full of mistakes. His idea about putting up a new entry on Discogs taking ages. You really only need to put in the band name, song titles, record label, click on the record size and speed. And… that’s it. Quick and simple.

If you want to scan labels/sleeves, put up song times, who produced it, what they had for breakfast that morning, etc, that’s entirely up to you. No one’s forcing you to do it.

You’re just being the kind of guy here who turns appreciation of creative things into a pissing contest of who has the most disposable income and who is allowed in the little club or not.


@anon35496508 I have a vinyl related question I’ve never managed to find the answer to (maybe my poor Googling skills are to blame). You seem like someone who might know the answer though

I have 2x Double LPs where the 1st record has sides 1 and 4 on it, and the other record has side 2 and 3. The records are Songs In the Key of Life and Black Moses, Why would they do it like this?

It’s nothing to do with disposable income. Loads of my records are from charity shops. On eBay I leave all the expensive records until I can find it at a bargain price.

Because they can. And because some people like to fuck with us.

You’re still being sneery and elitist.

“Ha ha look at this stupid guy who doesn’t own enough records! What an idiot thinking he could write about the topic!”

Highest amount you’d drop on a single release (1xLP or 2xLP)

Thinking about my collection, I guess the answer is $35 for 1LP, and $50 for a 2LP.

I’ve never paid that much for one LP.

How many records do you have?

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600 records is a lot of records


Maybe he goes for quality/enjoyment of what he’s got over sheer volume.

Immediately reading this thread I thought “well I’d better never attempt to talk records with this guy, because he’ll probably put me down and act like I have the wrong ones, or listen to them wrong, or have shamefully few, or they’re on the wrong type of shelf or something. It’s not going to be a good time.”

I wish I could say that.

Didn’t Thom Yorke/Radiohead release his/their latest record for £30?