VIP Seats


As everyone knows I am going to see Early Man tomorrow morning. I have booked VIP seats*. Would you?

*Still only came in at £15 for the pair.


What do they do onzlo?


Make you feel like a Lord.

Have you not been to a cinema this century (no independent shite!)


pretty much live life in the VIP seats


Is it acceptable to put your child in the seat in front? He’s small. All seats are VIP.

(I haven’t)


Answers are touch move your fucking independent shite.


it is and you owe it to him


Sounds like you’ll need to be up pretty early, maaaaaaaaaaaan ahahahjahahahahah!1111!!1!!!1


Correct, I am going to the 10.05am showing. Which with the maximum of three hours parking should allow me time to go to McDonald’s for a happy meal and a vanilla milkshake for me.


Half term as well isn’t it :grimacing: :disappointed:


Yeah and it is pissing down all day…


I used to work in the VIP lounge sometimes

not worth it and people were known to shag in there


Is that at Vue or Cineworld?


Hey lonz, my godson’s are staying with us over the weekend - taking them to the south ken museums of science and history cos they love space and dinosaurs. My question is this - anywhere good and cheap to eat around there or should I get the shit out of kensington as soon as possible?



it was in castleford though tbf


No VIP seating at my LOCAL INDEPENDENT CINEMA. But it’s £4.50 If you are 26 or under which I am you old cunts


Last time I went there (maybe 7 years?) I went and got a panini from somewhere over the road and then we ate it on the grass out the front then marckee came over and laughed at my travelcard.


kids morning showings are £2.50 at odeon and all seats same price. So recliners and VIP all £2.50.
Last time we went we lasted 3 minutes of “Sing” before my son became upset and said he was “scared” and we had to leave


Thanks man, will keep my eyes peeled for that lurky bastard. My mate asked me what travelcard he needed to get for this weekend and it took iron will not to call him a wanker.


I watched Sing a couple of weekends back. Do you want me to tell you what happens? It was actually a little better than expected.