VIP Seats

Oh yeah that cafe in the V&A is pretty deece despite it being £££ - size of their meringues :crazy_face:

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We have since had it on at home with no issues. It might have been the dark room full of strangers watching a massive screen with incredibly loud noises that was the real issue and not the singing pig or whatever

We’d been a few weekends earlier to see lego batman, no issues! No consistency, that’s the killer

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Why are the gorilla villains english?

I’ve not taken in a second of this movie. Like, I’ve been in a room with wife and child watching it in its entirety and nothing has gone in. It’s actually an incredibly impressive art that I have mastered zen like levels for since having children

I engage in the films but can do this for series. I have been in the room for many episodes of Puss in Boots but fuck knows what is happening.

Because making the villains German or Russian was one stereotype too far?

The male porcupine was the archetypal diser

Early Man is fun, please report back with the findings of your son

I am so glad you’re back.

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not this early man i assume…


Coincidentally 'lonx, I saw Early Man a couple of weekends back - want me to tell you how that ends?

Not quite as strongly as the original set up slightly disappointingly, but overall still good family entertainment :+1:

We watched the trailer this morning and he liked the bit where the geezer was rubbing coins into his face.

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Yeah some of them are a bit disappoint. Chicken Run was shite and Pirates could have been a lot better.

I are disappoint

You can come if you like? Do you need me to pick you up?

I can’t imagine Ruffers has much time for VIP seating.

Unfortunately he will have to sit away from us as they are all sold out.

Bit harsh on everyone else to buy up a buffer zone around yourself.

No thank you