Virgin Pure

Water filter machine thing, is it? Okay, not super useful, but I guess a lot of people use Britta filters and stuff. Boils water too? Okay, I mean a kettle does the job, but whatever. How much? YOU HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE TO IT?

What the hell is going on.

That’s a fucking dodgy name


made you click on the thread pretty damn quickly though didn’t it mate


Paying £20 a month for a kettle then?

How does that compare to the cost of one of those boiling water taps that you can use to cook your tomatoes?

is that what it’s called these days?

It’s the vegan equivalent of hiding your sausage.

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Shirley you’ve seen the advert?

Hard to put a lot of stock in that “90% of our customers now drink more water” claim. It’s probably true, simply because if some huckster conned me out of £20 a month for water you’d better fucking believe I’d be drinking it by the bucket.


For that price I’d be bathing in the stuff too!


Compulsory remention here for my organisation having to put safety warnings on our boiling water taps after someone tried to wash his hands under one.

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Boy, do I hate Virgin.

This is shit, obvs.

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Why is it so fucking enormous? Why would anyone buy one of these things?

Oh, wait, wait!

Good work, Virgin.



We’re Smart

Our WaterBars are packed with smart features like energy saving sleep and wake-up modes, auto fill levels for your favourite cups and glasses and a boiling child lock.


it’s because as middle class people have become obsessed with healthy lifestyle culture they’ve realised they can commodify an essentially free product in this country like tap water. What’s healthier than water! £30pm!

got my hair cut last night

one of the many upsides is that i no longer look like richard branson


£240 for a bulb, two carbon filters and two packets of descaler. :smiley:

Is this the blinder?

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Don’t get me started. We have one, it was not my decision (as is the case with 99% of decisions made in this household) to get one. I too see it as a massive waste of money, she seems convinced that it is more energy efficient than a kettle. It is a battle I cannot be bothered to put any more effort into and she’s paying for it out of her own money.