Virgin pure

Is it worth it? My mum would like it and it seems really expensive, i would just be happy with a britta filter but my mum seems really keen about this and I’ve tried the filter at the water bottle station at westfields in shephards bush and it is nice. On sale atm so need to decide fairly quickly

I’m not sure what it is

Just had a look at it and now I want it

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Water filtration system at home, they install it for you and it gives filtered hot and cold water, you have to pay an installation and subscription fee though which seems annoying

Yeah a subscription fee for a water filter is too 2022 for me


Simply move to central Scotland and enjoy delicious, unfiltered tap water free of charge.


Used to go on holiday to scotland often as a child and the tap water was so good, a real revelation for a kid raised on thames water

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Look not everyone wants a kilt in order to enjoy chalkless water

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Delicious Birmingham water, abstracted from the mountains of Wales, is just about worth the £30 or so a month imo.