Virtual Banality: An Immersive Experience

Oh hi there , welcome to the neighbourhood. I’m Mr. Rosketty! Your neighbour!

Mr. Rosketty is extending his hand out in amiable greeting.


uncomfortably wave at Mr Rosketty, avoiding his handshake as I say

uh… hi.

Hello Mr Rosketty, I don’t usually make a habit of conversing with my neighbours but that is an interesting surname and I’m wondering what it’s origins are?


> bogle to Aswad

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Mr. Rosketty takes offence at your insubordination, but does not show this. His face retains his famous neighbourly smile, he says “nice to meet’cha” before returning to his shed. As the years go by, Mr. Rosketty is silently tormented by this moment… nobody notices anything is wrong, not least his boss at the nuclear power plant who notices that - if anything - Rosketty is working harder than ever!

30 years pass and Rosketty oversees the nuclear infrastructure for the entire region! It is then that the true extent of his rage is revealed… as if to create a metaphor for the anger beneath his cheerful facade, Mr. Rosketty enters the power station one morning and circuit bends the reactor so the whole world is engulfed in an atomic flare!!!



alright, nice to meet you

had a drink in Colindale before? been to Colindale before?!

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Sorry everyone. I appear to have fucked things up a bit.


you couldn’t just shake a guys hand, could you Colin? ffs

I put on my robe and wizard hat

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One minute you’re shaking someone’s hand, the next he’s expecting you to turn up to his “bridge night”.

Mr. Rosketty is pleased with your choice to make an exception, and with the interest you take in him personally. “Well, gee! Let’s hope we can make a talker out of you yet!” he chuckles, and then adds, “You know, I’ve never really thought to look into my family history before!”

He makes an effort over the coming months, on his off-time from work at the nuclear power plant, to investigate his family history. He has little luck for a while, and is about to give up completely, when what should appear on his doorstep one dewy Sunday morning but a strange tome. On the book is written in a scratchy hand 'THE JOURNAL OF MARLEY ROSCKETTY".

He knows he should keep this book secret from his family, but knows not why. He reads it in secret in his garden shed and discovers that his family was, long ago, cursed by a vengeful interdimensional spirit. Mr. Rosketty is dismayed to discover this curse lying deep within him, and realises now that his cheerful spirit has been but a life-long attempt to conceal his true nature… and his true powers.

You are walking your Basset hound (Davis) one morning when you see Mr. Rosketty in his true form - demonically flying about and spitting fire at all and sundry. Within two days, all of humanity is vanquished.



Boy oh boy!

Cannot parse “M”. While the game is trying to process the logic of your statement, all of the characters starve to death



Your decision to dance at this point bemuses Mr. Rosketty, but only for a moment, for he realises the communicative power that lies within dance. The ability to convey through mere physical movements complexities that could never be reduced down to mere utterances or mere scrawlings upon the page. He is inspired like he’s never been inspired before! For all his life, he has had the vague sense that there was some… evil… lurking deep within him, some demonic form that spoke to him in his dreams and that he tried to keep at bay with a cheery demeanour and neighbourly spirit. As he joins you in your rhythmic movements, this evil part of him is vanquished for good!

The evil forces try to tempt him back in the fold by leaving a mysterious tome at his door, but he pirouettes in such a way that he kicky-uppies the foul pamphlet and then drop kicks it into the heart of the sun. As he dances on and on and on, he comes to realise the Truth… the fundamental next step in human evolution. He takes this to the United Nations! They must know!

He dances before all and sundry, communicating this great Truth! But… oh, how stupid the caretaker would feel if he realised the mistake he had made this morning in not putting up a ‘Wet Floor’ sign! Mr. Rosketty makes a slight misstep due to the moist panelling, and, as such, inadvertently encourages all the UN world leaders to activate SkyNet immediately. SkyNet is activated and everyone you know and love is battered by Terminators


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