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@LME - anyone had a drink in Colindale before? Anyone been to Colindale before?!


on the phones until 5.30pm :sleeping:

Pretty much zero places to drink

this opened recently and its OK kinda expensive, lil bit shit tbf


no, of course not because its not in london.

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It was awful when I popped here, very excitedly.
Not much was open and it was all ducks n shit.

Think colindale is in yorkshire mate lol

Wish i was home playing super metroid

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Yeah, I had super high hopes because the orignal Oriental city: yohan plaza/ sega dome was a huge (amazing) part of my childhood.

But its pretty shite :frowning: and super cynically after the $$$ this place

I would guess that @anon76851889 and @he_2 would be the best people to ask about this, being Hendon supporters.

Bang Bang Oriental (the new Oriental City) opened a couple of months ago and is meant to be decent, if there’s a group of you.

That’s decided then, just gonna stay in Angel for more beers.

Or really?

That’s a bummer. I wanted it to be full of wannabe Roti Kings…

I REALLY struggled to find anything veggie. And the place is a tip. Dirty trays everywhere.
Maybe it was the time of day I went there but really won’t be going back any time soon.

Hmph. Westfield and Soho it is then…

what is your standard phone greeting

Good (morning / afternoon), Library and Information Service, Niki speaking. Can I take your name and membership number please?

After they’ve told me their membership number I say “Brilliant! How can I help you today?”


“no membership number? then FUCK OFF”

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Have you ever said ‘good morning’ when it’s actually been 12:01pm? Really irks me if I do this.

Still in training, absolutely fuck all to do. Been reading loads of old music reviews on CokeMachineGlow and refreshing my emails for an email from my new employer with my start date.

Yeah, wasn’t overly impressed with Oriental City. It’s almost got a proper Asian food court vibe to it, but it’s a bit too sterile, and as others have said, isn’t brilliantly priced. Four Seasons (both meat and veggie outlets) + Chatime are probably the pick of the stalls that we tried when we went.

Never been drinking in the area I’m afraid, so can’t help with pubs, although I know there’s a Brexitspoons about half a mile south of Oriental City on the Edgware Road.


Cheers zeal, don’t fancy my boozing chances in Col.