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Also, as a point of interest, Colindale hosts the national virus reference library.

Edgware is kind of close - good BYOB afghan place there (Kabul City)

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Dinner’s tied up in Islington but I appreciate the recommend :+1:

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I’ve never even heard of Colindale. Sounds made-up

I think your best bet in Colindale itselt is likely to be the Chandos Arms on Colindale Avenue - about a 7/8 minute walk from Colindale Station towards Edgware Road. Seems to have a fairly decent reputation. I’d steer clear of anything the other way towards Graeme Park and the RAF Museum, and anything on Edgware Road itself.

Me neither m9.

all the time

actually someone from the british virgin islands just called. i have to fax something to them and i said i would do it “this afternoon” knowing full well it’s probably her morning, and she said “errr, okay then”


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RAF Museum is where we’re ending up!

i bloody wish m76

Also, home to Hendon Police College and the Hendon RAF Museum.

Oh wait

there is a fancy new bit near colindale called beaufort park which has a pub!

EDIT: it doesnt look too bad

Are you going by public transport?

Maybe try Mill Hill Broadway (Mill Hill Thameslink station) and get a bus down to the RAF museum from there?

General vibe of the pubs around there tends to be a bit better.

Ah well, the Chandos is a few minutes in the wrong direction, but 12/15 minutes from the museum. definintely your best bet, I’d suggest.

Unless you want to go to The Beaufort, which is amongst the unbearable new residential developments next to the museum and likely to be enormously expensive and sell Pinot on tap alongside Peroni at £6 a pint.

Edit: £6 for a pint of Pinot is probably decent tbf.

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Oooh that looks quite nice!

I think for ease it might be worth going to the Beaufort. It’ll be for a very quick pint.

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My Pact coffee still hasn’t arrived. I really want a coffee.

Aye, tubing it from Angel from multiple changes won’t really be necessary.

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Fair play. Sounds like your plan may be best bet all things considered then.

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good work british virgin islands

Big up the NW crew, mind.