Virtual Banality

The museum is epic, btw. My favourite place in the world by quite some distance.

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Oh sweet. Sara Pascoe’s doing some stand up there for a Radio 4 show tonight.

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bored out of my skullfuck

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have to leave my car at a train station for a few hours. do you think I should take my laptop home (and risk leaving it in the car) or just leave it (presumably safely) at work and forfeit playing with it later on

  • who honestly gives a fuck
  • you fat prick

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12 minutes to :beer:

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don’t leave it in your car, man

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it’ll be in a bag in the car

(will defo get nicked eh)

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i’m never leaving anything anywhere ever again after last fucking week


What’s happening with that m9? Home insurance claim?

thinking about making another coffee just to kill some time but i think it might send me over the edge into full coffee weirdness

  • make another coffee
  • don’t

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nope, not worth getting bike insurance really, because excess is ££ plus my bike ain’t that ££ really, and i very rarely ever leave it outside - i will never leave it outside again now


bars and stem cap have been donated from pengers
bought new shifters and stem (costing like £125 ffs)
gonna cost about £70 for the bike shop to put it all together and to provide new cables. i could probably do some of it but fuck doing internal cable routing and my rear brake is super weird because it’s some direct mount aero one, and i can’t be fucked, i just want it all magically back together.

parts are arriving tomorrow and will take it to the shop after work

it has been a major fucking ballache, let me tell you. the city of london police are “investigating”

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Oh that’s quite a heartwarming story all told, god bless those Pengers. Aye good luck with the polis :roll_eyes:

tbh i don’t expect them to do anything… it’s just in case they find the bits in someone’s shed or anything, right?

still really upset about it tbh. my bike is currently in bits on the floor of our spare room. :cry:

Someone will steal your laptop and then do a shit in your car.


Oh mate, that must be a sight for sore eyes. Was genuinely so angry when you posted that photo. Absolute scum out there.


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EITHER KALLGEESE! This is what happens! I have known TWO people who have had this kind of thing happen to them.

Twenty-five minutes left here. Everyone in the training class is talking about stand up comedy and I’m listening to Celtic Frost and reading articles about Prince.

Someone’s taken a shit in their laptop? Must be a nightmare to clean out the keyboard.

Pretty much!