Virtual Strolls

Yeah, Up Holland

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Ahh, I didn’t know that about the phone masts, but I had wondered who was paying for all the cleaning and the baby pink/powder blue paint jobs. That’s rubbish.

yeah just down the road.

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Just to the left of the old cinema (facing it) there are a few streets of really cool old worker’s houses.

It’s good for a walk, Stretford. Not really been modernised much has it? When i go for a stroll i always spot things that i’ve not seen before, or which don’t really make sense.

Be really nice if someone did something with that run of shops on the hill behind the old cinema as well. They’ve been dormant or misused for years now. Must be loads of footfall past there, could be great if there were a few cafes and bars there.

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I think it’ll come in time. There’s going to be tipping point in the next few years where Stretford becomes trendy and that row of shops will get pulled down and something built in their place. There’s only the hairdressers still there as far as I can tell and all the rubbish that piles up in front of the row for weeks on end really stinks in warmer weather.

I’m still regularly seeing things I hadn’t before too. I read a while back that the big tower block nearby (Stretford House) was built to rehouse people when the old back to back terraces were pulled down to build the Arndale…and that the block is built on the site of a former cattle farm. Almost impossible to visualise this in my mind now.

I love sneaking to the stop floor of Stretford house. There’s a little lounge up there for when you’re waiting for the laundry

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I’m a bit hungover: join me for a brief stroll to grab a can of revitalising fizzy juice.



Nice looking day out, tbf.


And back we go

I sometimes really hate living in a top floor flat…

Made it.


Walking to work.

Let’s start with a phallus

Hotspur House, the Medlock wraps around it and was the original border of the city.

Refuge Assurance. See above the corner door a mini castle? A symbol of refuge, it also has arks on it. And the minute marks on the clock are bees (symbol of manchester)

Sackville building. The green dome on the roof is godlee observatory. The dome itself is made from a type of papier mache

Someone painted lipstick on this guy

Leftover signs from various films/TV Inc Captain America

Fire watchers bell from the war.

Iron curbs from industrial revolution

Important stall

This particular slum housing is sealed up but still has pans in the fire place and largely untouched

Good ghost sign

Great shop signs. Stars of Brookside.

Footie. Lads. Etc.

Said bobbins in conversation recently.

The arches are so big so that your horse and carriage could go straight into the foyer


Gr8 stuff

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Bumping this because now would be a great time for people to document their daily stroll around and taking some nice pics would be a fun and creative thing to do also.


Was keeping to quiet residential streets mainly so not very exciting but here’s the highlights of my government-mandated stroll earlier


Just been for my state-authorised exercise, supervised by Ozzie

Bonus wet paw prints


Edit: replying to a post from Feb 19. Ignore :joy:

The NHS rainbow :heart_eyes:

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Our estate can’t get enough of outdoor chalking, it seems


Lovely little quiet walk to work this morning

Went into my classroom and it’s one of their birthdays today :sleepy: