Virtually all fruit and veg lasts about three days now...

Just a little thing I’ve noticed.

Strawberries you basically have to eat in the car on the way home


Piss take ain’t it. Used to do a fortnightly shop and hardly threw any fresh stuff away. Recently I’ve been finding stuff that’s absolutely honking after literally a couple of days.

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Stating the obvious but it’s the Brexit.


This is one of those changes that’s done in the name of the environment, but the idea is not to reduce the wastage, but to pass the costs of the wastage onto the consumer. While removing the incentive for the shops to innovate supply chains in order to reduce it. Increases profits, changes absolutely nothing. The most Tory of environmental measures.


Genuinely one of the main reasons my diet is so awful. You cannot rely on fresh fruit and veg actually making it through a week.

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Fresh produce is pretty foul in loads of ways in the UK. Definitely wasn’t always like this

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Definitely gone down the shitter in the last few years.

Onions and garlic are the big ones I’ve noticed. Always used to last forever* but these days it doesn’t seem worth buying a bag of em because they just don’t keep (and already seem half knackered when you buy them)

*not actually forever but you know what I mean


Brexit innit

Liz Webster has been warning about this for a while. Things are likely to get much worse but our govt has its head in the trough, so we’ll likely see them dither and delay once the shit hits the fan

Have noticed this in the US as well.

IMO the reason fresh fruit and veg in this country is regularly shit is because of profit-driven supply chain innovation, I don’t think more of it will help sadly

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I blame Remoaners, personally