VISA is down. I REPEAT


uh oh. The whole network is down across Europe.



just tried to buy something (a calippo) and the dude warned me visa was down. worked anyway though

1-0 barleysugar


good luck getting home with yer bank cards londoners :o


Mastercard Masterrace m8


turbolol on the express article comments.


Absolute twats :joy:


moments away from trying to reinstate bartering


Wonder why BBC has a photo of an egg card, are egg still a thing




:grimacing: this man represents all chelsea fans.




‘Untraceable cash’


Can I not use my card or get money out then? :o:


just used mine a minute ago


I just bought some avocados (nothing else) using my visa debit card. Suck it you bunch o miserable pricks :dancer::muscle::hugs:

Daily Express readers, not the nice people of DiS


Please post this in the Express article comment section.


I’m stood in a big queue for a cashpoint

You could’ve warned me about this before I entered the shop SAINSBOS! You couldve mentioned before I did my big shops and queued for ages at the tills SAINSBOS!


It’s okay I have an American express gold card which only special people get and is accepted almost everywhere except most places.


Everybody in the queue was using only one cashpoint bocos there was a rumour going round that the others weren’t working. That has just been disproven. All cashpoints are fine. Queue now moving at treble speed. But I feel like my fellow Sainsbos patrons should’ve been less guilible to begin with