My wife (my wife!)'s had to go to Brussels today to get a visa. Counts as a working day, but still a bit cray cray.

This thread’s gonna be a lot more popular after we leave the EU I reckon and we discover the joys of embassies and the like.


Getting a visa card nowadays isn’t hard.


Why did they call themselves visa? What a stupid name.

I’m never sure if the lyric relates to a travel visa or a CC as it mentions the US in the line before but he may need either (do you need a visa if you have a criminal background).

Sorting my wife’s visa to allow her to continue to live in the UK is one of the most stressful things I’ve ever had to do and still brings me out in a cold sweat. Can’t even joke about it. Fuck borders.


Getting a visa card nowadays isn’t hard.

Never had to get a visa to go anywhere. Fuck that noise.

Won’t need one after Brexit either I’d say.

Is it hard to get a visa card nowadays I’m not sure can anyone tell me?

You need one for Turkey. Found out a couple of days before we set off

I went to Thailand a few years ago for my sister’s wedding, you don’t need a visa for there but they do have terrifying soldiers inspecting passports and i’d really rather have gone to an embassy or consulate instead

cant you get it in the airport?

Because National BankAmericard Inc was a bit of a mouthful.

I found out when I got there. Only accepted payment at the airport in £ or $ which was incredibly helpful. But my fault, obviously.

Countries that you’ve had to get a proper visa for before setting off (ie can’t get it in the airport on arrival or electronic/online one)?

Think just Cuba for me. Had to get a 457 skilled persons visa to work in Australia but that’s a bit different. Worked for 6 months in Canada with no visa but I like to keep that under my hat :no_mouth:

India. Was a pain because they have particular restrictions about journalists, and I was still technically a journalist at the time. Had to get a letter from my CEO declaring I would not be undertaking any sort of journalism while I was there.

When I visited Shenzen I was working for the BBC and lied about my employer on my visa for similar reasons - you could get it at the border however so didn’t feel like a super high risk strategy…

Rwanda - the guy at the embassy was so happy to see me. At the time, UK citizens didn’t need a visa to visit so they didn’t get that many applicants turning up in person.

Had to get a few over the years, mostly for work.

Best one was getting flown out to the Canary Islands to get a visa to visit Mauritania (it’s a 1 hour flight from there). Had to drop off our documents then basically had a couple of days free to do what we wanted; visited a volcano, went to the beach, went out for dinners… all on works dollar.

Just about to jump into this world. Applying for a Spouse Visa for my t/v from Taiwan and absolutely dreading the process.

China, almost didn’t get one but did with one day to spare, what a palaver that was.