Visions Festival 2019

Couldn’t see a thread on this.

Anyone else going? Always enjoyed this festival. Good line up and with the sunny hot weather forecast it should be a good one.


Slightly worried about this, as the venues may be boiling hot.

Yep. You’re right actually. I enjoy pinging from venue to venue and also stopping off at the pubs along the way.

Some venues may be damn hot. I remember there was a sort of fog at Waxahatchee at Oval Space a month or so ago due to the heat. Oval Space with one side of the venue being just windows would have a greenhouse effect inside.

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Would love to just go to No Age.

Yep, my plans are:
Alaskalaska and/or Honey Harper if I get there early enough
Lauren Auder
Carla Dal Forno
Jonathan Bree
Blue Hawaii
maybe a bit of Marika Hackman
Sean Nicholas Savage

Quite looking forward to it. Other than the hot venues!

Porridge Radio, Rival Consoles, No Age and Yak are my definitely want to sees for the day.

Anyone here? Who have you seen? As planned Porridge Radio who were very good just now. Now I’m at Oval Space waiting for Rival Consoles. Also waiting for my mate to turn up.

Just seen Lauren Auder, who was amazing, even despite the fact he lost his equipment when flying over from Latvia yesterday.
Shortly going to see Jonathan Bree, who I’m hoping will be equally as good.
How warm is Oval Space? It was nice and cool for the first band earlier today, although I assume it’s become its normal heatbox self?

I type this barely lucid. I had a great time. No Age were phenomenal. I saw Rival Consoles at Oval Space. Their air conditioning worked well. I can’t complain.

As expected, the mix of good bands, venues and great pubs around Hackney made for a great day out.


Anyone also going today?

(I changed the year on the title thread.)


Gonna try and catch Black Country New Road, Imarhan, Squid, Pigsx7 and whatever else I stumble across.

But most importantly


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I am going, but know nothing outside of pigs & Anna meredith.

What should I see?

Demdike Stare
Kedr Livanskiy

What fun combinations of letters!
Much obliged.

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My definite to see are:

Black Country, New Road
Kedr Livanskiy

Maybe list so far: Squid

Heading in early for the dog show :dog2:


I’ve really enjoyed it in previous years, but didn’t find any bands that interested me too much this time unfortunately.

Defo see Kedr Livanskiy, she’s amazing.

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Post your food and drink recommendations here too please.

Really looking forward to her. I hadn’t heard of her before Pitchfork reviewed her latest album which is good. Her first album Ariandne is brilliant; prefer that one.