Visions Festival 2021

I’ve just bought a ticket for Visions festival this weekend… I’ve been for something like the last 6 as it’s pretty much on my doorstep but wasn’t going to go this year until I found out my girlfriend will be at a hen do so why not eh.

No idea who any of the acts are this year though, so does anyone have any recommendations on who I should see?

Lorraine James and Caroline would be my must sees. I’d also maybe try see Famous and Folly Group.

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Low Island (Indie/Electro-pop), Flohio (UK rap) and Porridge Radio (gloomy indie rock) would be my picks from that lineup. Hardly know any of the rest of them

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Billy Nomates is excellent - kind of angry semi-spoken word delivery that’s Kae Tempest/Sleaford Mods adjacent…

Porridge Radio also excellent and has got a lot of love on here. One of the best of the current post punk crop - I also like that their delivery reminds me of vintage Cure…

Girl Ray are good - synthy indie pop. Perfect for a sunny day…


Actually Billy Nomates had a decent track last year and Nine8 Collective have had some nice singles this year

I know there’s “the situation” but seems to be half the number of venues / acts for the same ticket price?

It’s about £10 cheaper than the usual full price/final release

No dog show though, gutted

Went the dog show last year, thought it was rubbish :frowning:

As if a dog show could ever be rubbish :sob:


Falle Nioke is good

Might go again tomorrow, anyone lower on the bill you’d recommend?

Mdou Moctar for sure


I really like HighSchool. They clearly like New Order, bags of hooky indie jangle.

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Fat Dog have a bit of hype about them, Nukuluk and Keeley Forsyth both great too!

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Deathcrash are very, very, very Slint-ish if that’s your sort of thing.


Really rate Dana Gavanski. Kinda like Weyes Blood meets Cate le Bon.


Tickets are available for £3.50 to NHS staff, btw

Selling a ticket to this for cheap. If anyone fancies it please dm me today/tonight!

Edit: Dice ticket so easily transferable

I saw Jessica Winter at Great Escape and she was really catchy electro pop.
Looking at the lineup on Spotify, I seem to be following a few more artists than I recognise, so I must have liked a song from a bunch of them in the past. Will have a proper listen and have a theoretical clashfindee plan to see if it might tempt me to go.

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