Visiting Leeds - recommendations?

I’m going to Leeds for a few nights next week, any recommendations?

I’ve no plans at all as of yet, probably will stay somewhere in the city centre, but open to any suggestions!

Food? Beer? Things to see?

bundobust: believe the hype.


All these are still going except Tall Boys

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Theres the Vocation place too, Assembly Underground, has different street food options.

Leeds Market has good food options too.

Things to see… Art Gallery and The Tetley are worth a look. Meanwood Valley trail is a nice walk.

See a gig at Brudenell.

Could get the train to Saltaire for a nice potter round.


Stone Roses Bar


Been living here for 9 years and I’ve still never done the Meanwood Valley Trail, gonna change that this month


Good if you want to drink til 6am and can have a little nap on the sofas without getting kicked out tbf


What sort of food/drink do you like because there are decent places for most tastes

If you are actually a large child, the Royal Armouries is fun.


Tbh I’m pretty much into anything foodwise, very keen to hear what people’s favourites are!

Drink wise it’s probably the beer stuff mentioned above, but if there are any good (maybe natural?) wine bars, I’m always into that

This actually looks great!

Ooh those all look excellent

Thackray medical museum is weird and fun


Friends of Ham has good beer and natural wine, along with pork products and many cheeses


This sounds 100% up my alley

Bundobust or Manjit’s Kitchen in the market for Indian (or Aagrah for your more traditional sit-down curry), Tharavadu for Keralan (I saw Chris Kamara there once)

Viet Guy for Vietnamese on Lower Briggate

Little Bao Boy at North tap room on Sovereign Street, good for lunch

Layne’s for coffee and brunch but get there early as it gets rammed, La Bottega Milanese for coffee too

No M&Ms world unfortunately but we do alright


Sheaf Street Cafeteria is good for brunch if you’re heading to the Tetley, and North Star is good for coffee and/or light lunch if you’re near the Royal Armouries

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I had to visit on my own cos my husband is terrified of the place after seeing the iron lung on a school trip

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:smiley: My partner made me hold her hand the whole way round cause the fake people freaked her out so much

Oh god that bit is horrendous, and the Victorian operating theatre bit, although mainly just because of how low-budget it is

The rest is good though, they have the blood draw kit from Hitler’s yacht or something weird like that

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