Visiting Tokyo

So, in the last few hours I’ve decided that I would like to visit Tokyo in November to celebrate my milestone birthday of 36.
I have chosen Tokyo as it was the first, and one of the only cities in Japan I know #research
Would probably go for a week.
Should I try and travel to other cities, or is there enough to do in a week?
Thought it was really expensive but beer and cigs seem really cheap, and that is the gold standard in estimating the cost of a city.
Any ideas or thoughts or experiences welcome!


Been to Japan twice, both times in November - great time to go imo.
Both times Ive only been in Tokyo.
Costs of things are actually quite cheap.
All government owned things like Ueno Zoo and some museums etc are only about 500 yen.
I recommend getting a jr pass for your time there as you can use the train all around town for quite cheap.
Lots of things are closed on Mondays. We did Disney on the Monday and it was class as all their xmas stuff was on the go inc parade/nightmare before xmas ride etc
We stayed in shinjuku and this was handy af as the big station in shinjuku basically takes you to all parts of tokyo in minutes.
Best to look at a map of tokyo and break it into the districts and what sites you want to see in each.
If youre into studio ghibli go to the ghibli museum but try to buy your tickets online well in advance as they online sell so many ahead of time.


yeah, did feel a bit ignorant brit abroad “Is there enough for me to do in one of the greatest cities in the world for a week?”


Yoshinoya is your friend!


thank you this is great.
Didn’t even realise there was Disney there.#ignorant
Am debating taking the 6 year old with me (in which case, drinking and going out at night etc is obviously off the menu). Imagine if I came back with loads of pics of disneyland! #ihateyoudad

Theres 2 disney parks. Few things as enjoyable in liffe as being on the new Star Tours ride and Yoda, 3PO etc going mental at you in Japanese as you do the death star run then smash into a podrace!



Harajuku Gyoza-ru
La Kagu
Yakiniku Blackhole
Golden Gai
Ichiran Ramen
Uobei Sushi
Pizza Studio Tamaki
Dominique Ansel Bakery


Ghibli Museum (pre book!)
Parasite Musuem
Takeo Paper Showroom
D47 Design Museum
21_21 Design Sight
Senso-ji Temple
Meiji Jingu Shrine


Super Potato Video Game Shop
2k540 Art Market
HEY Arcade
Disk Union (bunch of vinyl shops)
Shimokitazawa (vintage shop district)
Jinbocho (bookshops district)
Yodobashi Camera
Claska Homewares Shop
Tsutaya Bookshop (24h!)

For a day trip out the city I’d really recommend getting a Hakone Free Pass to Hakone near Mt Fuji. Return tickets for the normal train, mountain train, cable car, ropeway and pirate ship cruise around the lake are included. The tori gate, open air sculpture park and hot springs nearby there are also lovely.


Tokyo is definitely somewhere I really really want to go, but figuring out how to get my wife over there what with her massive aversion to flying is the conundrum. could go on my own, not sure I want to though.

would definitely go and visit all the bits from Persona 5 because I’m very very sad.

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Yes, Tokyo has more than enough for a week. Given that it doesn’t really have a centre, it might be fun to stay in two different areas of the city. Maybe Shinjuku/Shibuya for that big crazy busy experience and then Asakusa or similar for somewhere a bit more traditional. Or Harajuku for somewhere fun, or Shimokitazawa for somewhere more indie ‘cool’.

You only need a Japan Rail pass if you’re going to travel intercity, so you won’t need one if you’re just based in Tokyo. Yokohama and Kamakura are both good day trips from Tokyo and both count as local rail so are very cheap.

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You’re selling Kyoto a bit short there, no monkeys in Oxford.


Yeah, I like to book a couple of hotels and break it up midweek, so could stay in 2 different parts of the city.
Didn’t realise they still have smoking in hotel rooms! Madness!

yeah, was just looking at hotels and APA seem to be everywhere. Look pretty good and reasonable. Will be funny to see a 6ft7 bloke in one anyway

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only if you have that info to hand and it isn’t a massive pain! but that sounds great

Theres a lot im missing out tbh.
Theres 2 disney parks, ones more water based tho. A breath of fresh air after being to the US parks - when the xmas parade starts the staff asked the crowd to be polite and sit down so everyone could see and everyone did it! In the USA parks this would have been an elbowing riot fest! The parade itself was bonkers!
Ueno is great for zoo and museums: Tokyo Edo Museum is fantastic.
Akihabara: Great for videogames and anime fans. Final Fantasy restaurant etc. Go to a big arcade during the day to see middle aged salarymen playing street fighter tournamnets on their lunch break :smile:
Shinjuku: the hub but has Godzilla street, samurai museum, shinjuku gyoen, lots of shops, the big station.
shibuya & harajuku you could do together in a full day. get the jr to harajuku, the Meiji Jingu shrine is right behind it and is great. Then its a straiht road down through the harajuku bits you see on telly all the time: lots of trendy stuff and amazing sweet shops, then follow on down in shibuya for the scramble, hachiko, and to live out your Persona/World Ends With You/ Tokyo Mirage Sessions dreams!
Odaiba: cross the lovely rainbow bridge to the man made island full of sega arcades, Gundam Base, giant Gundam statues, mario karting around the island, the massive ferris wheel, classic cars etc

this is just off top of my head. I am missing out LOTS


Absolute godsend this.

There are also many Pokemon Centres in Tokyo. :+1:

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I would LOVE to visit Japan but I’m so terrified of the language barrier it gives me anxiety just thinking about it. Are people using Google Translate/speaky translate apps a lot more over there now?

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I lived there for two years and didn’t do half of everything I wanted to. Absolutely no danger of exhausting it in a week.

Lots of good advice above, and I would definitely make the effort to visit Hakone, but really one of the great pleasures of Tokyo is wandering, Find a busy area like Omotesando and just head down the backstreets and alleys. I guarantee you will find all kinds of interesting tiny shops, galleries, restaurants, etc.
Trying to think of places to explore that haven’t been mentioned yet. Daikanyama is a great neighbourhood, arty and interesting. Arisugawa Park is my favourite Tokyo park, small but lovely, and you can walk from there to my old hood in Azabujuban. Rikugi-en near Ikebukero is a more classical Japanese garden, and I definitely preferred it to Shinjuku gyoen. Nezu and Yanaka over on the east side are very old school traditional areas and worth a good mooch about. Also you can get some really good Indian food at Nirvanam in Kamiyacho.

November is a perfect time to visit. You’ll have missed the humidity of summer and then the rainy season, and there will be beautiful clear blue skies for days on end. It’ll be a bit chilly but not too bad.

Robot restaurant

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Wasn’t really considering before as was going to be a lone traveller dad’s week off, but with disneyland, pokemon centres, arcades, ghibli museum etc, am considering taking the boy along (who will be 6 years old)…

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