Visiting Tokyo

Good poll Mr No Poll :wink:

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    • Enjoy staying in your hotel room and going to sleep at 7pm
    • a magical experience for a child
    • mate, I can’t even remember what I did when I was 12, wait until he is older
    • you can be up early and he can go to bed a bit later
    • sorry, where is your wife and 2 year old in all this?

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In central Tokyo you will be able to get by very well with just English. The important signs on roads and subways are bilingual, and most people will have some English. It’s part of Japanese self deprecation to be aware that their language is very difficult, and no one will expect you to be fluent. I’d still get a phrase book and make an effort though - it will make people look on you much more kindly.

Meant to add that I thought Ueno Zoo as mentioned above was grim as fuck. I wouldn’t go again, animals in tiny enclosures etc

I took my two (then 3 and 6) to Hong Kong last year (TV joined us out there on her way back from working in NZ), including visiting HK Disney, and they both absolutely loved it :+1:

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Watching this thread as I’m planning a trip in autumn, probably November

Everyone I know seems to be going/have gone to Japan in the past two years and I’m so incredibly jealous

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booking my flights now


New Nintendo store opened in Shibuya.

I don’t think I really have anything to add that people haven’t mentioned already but need to emphasise that if you fancy it and see good deals on flights and the like… go! You won’t regret it. Been twice and gearing up to take the thinly veiled next year.

I recommend checking out ‘Yokocho’ alleyways for a beer and some grilled chicken on a stick or Octopus balls. You’ll feel like you’re in Blade Runner or something. The one in Ebisu is cool and there’s one right outside Shinjuku station called Piss Alley.


Reckon St Patricks Day in Tokyo would be a laugh.

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You’ll have a great time.

Fyi I don’t think the JR pass covers most of the Tokyo subway lines. Not worth it unless you’re travelling to different cities.

Aye the Pasmo card is the better option in and around Tokyo.

Gonna go to Tokyo on me todd in December. Really can’t wait. Gonna eat a fuckton of sushi.


Haven’t had takoyaki since the place that used to do good ones here closed down, this video has got me gagging for some deep fried octopus balls


Going in April… How does the JR pass work? Seen conflicting things… Something suggested I need a visitor visa stamp otherwise the pass is useless? Somewhere else didn’'t state that anywhere.

Go for it. Take the whole family.

Can’t recommend Japan/Tokyo enough.

But I’m afraid you’re in for a shock if you’re expecting the beer to be cheap. £4+ for a half of Asahi seemed pretty standard.

When you go through immigration, tick the “sight seeing” box on the form and go through a manned booth, not an automated one. You’ll get the stamp you need.

Ah cool, thank you!