Visiting Yorkshire for a week's holiday

We’re thinking of going somewhere in the UK this year for holiday - possibly Yorkshire? (We’ve been to the Peak District quite a few times in recent years and fancied a change). So: where would you suggest as a base for a family holiday for a week? We like the sorts of things that you might expect from a British holiday (castles, long walks, and getting caught in the rain).

Mrs CCB saw an article about Middleham Castle, and that looked quite nice?

So yeah. Yorkshire - possibly the Dales. Any tips?

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What sort of age ranges do you need to entertain?

Planning on taking a car?

Yes, I think it’s probably inevitable

Two girls aged 10 and 7

Brimham Rocks


Even though I prefer the Dales I’m almost tempted to say the Moors at the Whitby area. Might be better for the kids.

Obviously everything in Yorkshire is great. Of the traditional ‘heritage’ type attractions I would recommend Bolton Castle and Fountains Abbey - both beautiful.

Saltaire is well worth visiting- it is a perfectly preserved ‘worker’s town’ built in the 19th century for mill workers and is really interesting and beautiful (it’s also where my Dad is from but don’t let that sway you). The Mill itself has now been transformed into an art gallery with lots of work by local boy David Hockney and there are lots of really good shops and an excellent restaurant there as well.

Of the cities York is a must. Leeds is a massively improved place these days with good shopping (including some good record shops).

For kids lot of people rave about this place (but I never got round to going so I can’t give an opinion)

A bit south of the Dales but the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (off the M1 south of the M62) is a fantastic place. The art is great and there is plenty of room for kids to let off steam in lovely countryside. The National Coal Mining Museum near Wakefield is also great if you are interested in stuff like that. My kids went when they were a similar age to yours and really liked going down the mine.

A bit further afield but the Yorkshire coast is fantastic- Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay especially.


The Moors has the option of a beach / seaside day if the weather’s nice :slight_smile:


That’s really helpful, thanks. I took the eldest to York in September and she loved it

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I think if you’ve enjoyed the Peak District previously, and so are more used to the concept of “making your own entertainment”, then you can’t really go wrong with the Yorkshire Dales. Where you stay might depend on your preferences; the scenery in the north and west sides is spectacular but its more rural, whereas the south/east is better connected (but less dramatic). There is also a range of walks, naturally, and could recommend some, again based on preference (there are nice, 5 Mike family walks like Bolton Abbey or proper all day hikes like the three peaks).

There are a few places I’d say were good bases for the Dales; I used to live in Malham but I’d actually say the Grassington/Kettlewell area (Wharfedale) gives you better access.

I’m less familiar with the East of the county, where Middleham is. However, if you were to base yourself around Ripon, for example, you’ve got access to the Dales, the coast (Whitby), a host of family attractions in that area and the Black Sheep Brewery too :beers:


Forbidden Corner! Great memories as a wee un. Didn’t mention it myself as I’ve not been as an adult, didn’t know if I just viewed it with childhood nostalgia

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Hebden Bridge is also worth visiting if you are in the West of the county - I love the Calder valley which is really dramatic. Hebden Bridge itself is a little bohemian corner with lots of independent shops and restaurants. You can climb up the hill to Heptonstall which is fabulously wind blown and beautiful and where Sylvia Plath is buried.

On a literary theme and still in the dales Haworth is well worth visiting. The town itself is nice, with a steep cobbled hill through the middle, and the Bronte Parsonage is worth visiting.


My kids always wanted to go but we never got organised enough to get tickets (you have to book well in advance). They are too old now. Lots of people rave about it though.

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If you go to Saltaire you can take a walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

There’s also a very small funicular tramway there called Shipley Glen.

You could also pop to Haworth, nice little old fashioned village with a cobbled main street. There’s a nice cafe there called Cobbles and Clay where you can paint some pottery. Lots of nice walks in the surrounding areas including Ilkely Moor.

You could also pop into Bradford to go the Media Museum (and have a nice curry).


Second the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, along with pretty much everything @bornin69x has mentioned.

If you’re after any museums, the National Media Museum in Bradford is really something. Also enjoyed the Royal Armouries when I was your daughters age…and in York you have both Jorvik and the National Railway Museum. Eureka, in Halifax, is a good kids museum but I suspect may be a bit young for your family.


Also, Saltaire is one of my favourite places to drink 5 decent pubs within 5 minutes of each other.

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If you’re in Wensley Dale, there’s the cheese place in Hawes, which has a whole section dedicated to tasting


Ah that’s really helpful thanks. We do have quite a lot of coast options where we live, so it’s not an essential component of the holiday. The Dales sound lovely

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Yes I was hoping you’d chime in, I nearly tagged you in the OP :slight_smile:

A bunch of us went to Forbidden Corner in our mid-20s after finding a brochure in a pub in Settle (lovely place btw, could be a good base) on the promise of seeing an enormous cat