Visual floaters

Wasn’t really sure where to lob this, so going with here seeing as we’ve got a joke thread about foot pain.

I’m 34 years old (I think). Since the beginning of the year I’ve suffered with various ailments.

The most recent one of these is floating things in my vision. It seemed to come on fairly suddenly - although I’m not worried to the point I think it’s a detached retina or owt.

I’m not looking for any medical advice as I know the interwebs is a bad place for that - HOWEVER. A quick Google does show that these things are fairly common and you’ll get used to them/forget about them.

So my question is - floaters, do you have them? Experiences?

I don’t, but ol’ ma Epimer had them to the extent that she had surgery to fix it. That’s an old age thing though.

I have loads but vision has always been terrible, definitely noticed more at early/mid thirties (so 5 years ago) - think you only need to worry if you have a sudden massive increase, but is probably worth getting them looked at. Tend to tune them out most of the time now

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I get them. I didn’t really notice them and then i had a conversation with someone about them where he said he got them as a side effect of some condition i think, and started to notice them all the time because I’m a hypochondriac and i was worrying about it. Then gradually i stopped thinking about it and went back to not really noticing them mostly.


I thought everyone got these, had them all my life.

TiL that not everyone has these.


Probably they do and just haven’t noticed

Do you see visual floaters?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I used to but don’t now
  • I didn’t when I was younger, but now I do
  • Don’t know
  • N/A
  • Other

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I have a few of them, one of them is (or at least my perception of it is) pretty central in my right eye.

Never had any issues from it (other than occasionally noticing them and it being a mild annoyance) and still have super duper perfect vision.

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Yeah, same, don’t usually notice them at all, and have no other eye issues. Good to hear that it’s nbd.


Yeah I do in my left eye. Shit myself the first time I realised because my right eye is already fooked. Think as long as you dont suddenly get loads and they stay the same it should be okay.

A one time I am glad for internet advice as I couldnt hack going into a specsavers and asking check my floaters

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Mine came on in my teens and properly freaked me out. Got tested and my eyes were perfectly healthy, which was mildly infuriating being told there was nothing that could be done to get rid of them and to just get on with it. They haven’t really changed since then (early 30s) and I barely notice them at all.

Worth getting a check-up but am sure you’re grand, your brain will start phasing them out. I’ve very light-sensitive eyes so staring at the sky can be a pain (literally), think I’d rather get rid of that than the floaters.

Might be wrong but I’ve heard getting laser eye surgery has the nice side effect of zapping them? For some people, at least.

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Oh, also, they can become noticeable/more pronounced when you’re stressed. So if there’s other health stuff going on or things you’re concerned about, there might be a link there mentally?

(very much not a doctor)


I think this is Very Much The Case. It ties in to a myriad of other things happening at the moment so it is strongly likely there is some correlation between these and my levels of anxiety.

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I like suddenly moving my eyes from one side to another when looking at the sky / a uniform coloured wall and watching them slide in trying to keep up with my speedy eyes and imagining they’re doing that drifting thing that cars do in films like Fast & Furious.


I started with these in the past year or so. Had the same worries that it was something serious given I wear contact lenses. People always like passing on horror stories about contact lenses.

I mentioned about them to my GP during a consultation about something else and he didn’t seem concerned. The NHS web-site says they are something you develop as you get older and the brain learns to ignore them apparently. Going to ask my optician about them next time I go though.

I have them lots. Anxiety thing, apparently :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

yeah i get them now and then when i’m tired, thought it was a fairly normal tired thing

i had a bad case of this at the end of last year, got paranoid about one aspect of my health which then snowballed into a ton of other issues. suddenly you’re aware of every single thing that doesn’t feel right and convinced they’re all signs of some big problem. not helped by lockdown and having no distractions whatsoever

doing a lot better now so hopefully you will soon too!


I have a few knocking about the ol’ eye. Most of the time I don’t notice them but now that I’m talking about them I notice them again.

It’s exactly like tinnitus for me: don’t really notice it day-to-day and then as soon as I notice it I can’t un-notice it. Annoying, but not to the detriment of my life.