Visual lunch thread




That looks nice! Trying to swap chocolate and crisps for healthy alternatives (chocolate drink and salt and balsamic rice cake) and it’s actually lovely

Ugh why is it sideways


Ah, man, Just finished mine.

Pasta with vegetable/chilli/tomato sauce and 2 x satsumas.

Was yummers/10


no lunch yet


Absolutely starving. Hope there’s something good on in the canteen. :crossed_fingers:


not lunch and not visual but i’m thinking about making fish tacos for dinner

what do you think about that then


mate this is a visual lunch thread so idgaf


i’ve been thinking about this since last night i’m just so excited


(didn’t take my phone to the canteen)


Misery lunch.




You dropped some sweetcorn.


Clear desk policy.


I had monkfish curry last night. It was delicious.


no doubt. but monkfish is very tasty and quite expensive, not sure i’m flamboyant enough to chuck it in a curry.


I lit the hob with a tenner, too.


pavarotti? loves a curry and a few pints does the big man


Nah, I prefer Domin(g)os.


Sweet potato and chickpea curry. Had a last minute change of heart from the paprika pork stew when I noticed it had olives in it.