Visually impaired London tips

Anyone know of anything interesting? I think the big ones… Museums etc are covered but am hanging out with a friend over from Canada on Monday and at a loss. Has anyone any experience with showing London to someone who can’t see? Or are there any ongoing sound installation type things that anyone knows of?

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If you’re around into the evening there’s a place that occasionally does something called ‘Albums in the Dark’ which is pretty much what it says on the tin. Not sure how regular that is though.

Otherwise sometimes the Tate Modern has sound based installations and stuff.

Sorry not sure if any of this is actually helpful or not.

Think it will just be a daytime thing. Tate modern is def something I’ve considered. The website accessibility section is a little unclear but will probably lean towards there in case of actual installation. Thanks.

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Most cultural institutions have really good accessibility stuff nowadays, it’s worth checking or contacting directly.

Something like the Van Gogh thing might be good? Lots of big projections/colours/not as shuffle-around-a-gallery as something like the V&A

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