Vitamins 2018

What supplements you all taking?
Anyone had a blood test lately?
I’m D deficient and I think some of you could be too

Nothing, wonder if my constant lack of energy is because of my terrible diet, might look into this in 2018

Probably vitamin D deficient isn’t it

Don’t do anything about it

I take Centrum advance vitamins every day


My wife buys in berocca for us periodically which always makes for fantastic coloured ‘expensive wee’, as per the article in @Reptar’s post above.

She also makes me a shot of matcha on work mornings, which I count as a ludicrous supplement rather than an enjoyable form of tea.

Presumably not all blood tests would include checks for vitamin deficiencies?

No, however if a GP was unsure of the cause of illness/symptoms they might do a wide ranging panel of tests that include things like liver function, inflammatory markers, and vitamins as a bit of a stab in the dark so to speak.

Can’t reiterate enough that people should be aiming to get their vitamins from the real thing and not a tablet, which can’t really compare.


Big fan of just opening a tub for a good smell

Eh, I take vitamin D sometimes in the winter due to lack of natural sunlight and sometimes I take iron too (have previously been deficient in both, as well as B12).

used to take just a bog standard A-Z vitamin every day but usually ended up forgetting or running out and not buying any more. didn’t really notice any benefit tbh, never expected them to revolutionise my life and make up for my crap diet, but figured it was better than nothing

also have had a couple of blood tests over the last couple of months, but they were looking for other stuff. I seem to have discovered a dislike for needles as I never had any issue with them previously but really didn’t enjoy these ones :confused:

sunny vitamin d

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If you don’t believe you get enough vits or mins in your diet go nuts. Just don’t expect multi vits to cure you of your ailments of you have a balanced diet. I don’t. So I take them because I’m lazy :frowning:

Becoming ever more aware of my health and fitness, absolutely determined to make staged improvements to my diet in the coming year.

Making sure I get enough of the various vitamins is part of this, need to take a bit of time over the weekend to read up on them.

I take multivitamin supplements and cod liver oil.

I’m aware the first may not have an benefit but I think it makes me feel healthier. The cod liver is for my aching old man’s joints.

take vitamin d on the recommendation of my old man friend (neighbourhood visiting scheme thing) - I figure he knows what he’s talking about because he’s pretty old and still cycling about.
take magnesium on the recommendation of a lady who gave me a massage once which is slightly shakier ground.
also drink those effervescent multivitamins from Aldi if it looks like I’m getting sick.

does anyone know what a vitamin actually is? just realising I have no idea about how they function aside from knowing they’re linked to particular things (teeth, bones immune system, yada yada). what? how?

where is everybody?