My dad likes to berate me for not taking vitamins every time I get a cold :roll_eyes:

Vitamin D and iron.

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Give loads to the kids.

I take a magnesium at night to help me sleep.

End transmission

Vitty D and Iron. The moment i stop taking either i become lathargic and anti social. O deffo surrfer from less Anxiety and Depression when taking them too.

I wss briefly anaemic last ywar, quite badly, so finally decided its probably for the best tp just do it eveb if its pointless as i never wsnt to feel like that again

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Same. If I don’t take iron I get borderline anaemic and with a family history of circulatory issues, it’s preventative as much as anything.

VitD to help immune system and mood- I’m shite without it in winter and like a different person with it. If it’s a placebo then it’s a hell of a good one. VitK too as vitD needs it.

Likewise some b vitamins that I obviously don’t get enough of in my diet as I don’t have a good period/ pre-menstrual experience if I miss these.

I don’t really take any other vits (eg a, c or e) but I do take minerals- magnesium baths and magnesium spray, and I take potassium solution to alkalise my gut as I’m mega acidic otherwise.
Also high dose probiotics- I had to take a month’s worth of Antibiotics for lyme’s disease in the autumn and it has shot my gut biome to pieces. I know I go on about it a lot but I really truly think that in ten years time you’ll all be saying 'omg PO was right about that gut biome stuff- it really is the key to good physical and mental health and longevity. :rofl: There are good/ better ways to promote gut health rather than just popping pills but if you are a lazy boozer who likes sugar (like me) then it’s the quickest way to cheat it.)

I used to take turmeric but I ran out and I haven’t replaced it. I’ve started on high strength garlic after a scare re my heart valves while I was pregnant.
Think that’s it. I have very expensive and pungent pish, basically.

I also recall feeling better on vitamin D. Always assumed it was placebo but maybe I should start taking it again anyway.