Viva Brother


proper haircuts
proper lads
proper tunes


I remember walking past them at Glasto 2013 and thinking ‘that crowd looks so bored, why are on the west holts stage, I thought the West Holts only booked interresting bands… MY GOD THIS SONG IS SHIT, y’know what Im not even going to bother with the Brothers Cider’


Britpop revivalists? Is that where we’re up to?


apparently so. bleak.


I don’t really like attributing cultural phenomena to Brexit but this really is very Brexity indeed.


proper lads
proper brexit

(have you finished your m&ms yet?)


I had the self control (nausea) to leave the last of them in my drawer at work. Lovely Monday treat!


haha jesus christ

council estate set video :white_check_mark:
burning shopping trolley :white_check_mark:
proper haircuts :white_check_mark:
wearing sunglasses :white_check_mark:
proper clothes :white_check_mark:
old school working class lady w/ net curtains :white_check_mark:


they ‘went electro’?


Ive never heard of this band outside of DiS


I knew a fella in school who loved them and beady eye, his band genuinely ripped off that darling buds of may tune. Dangerous stuff


Viva Brother was the first Britpop Revival band in 2010s


This band started as a couple of mid-00s Reading emo bands - Kill The Arcade/Wolf Am I and Twice Upon A Time, who disappeared for 2 years and then inexplicably re-emerged as a britpop band signed to Geffen.

Whole thing was utterly bizarre. Lead singer giving it all the Liam Gallagher ‘we’re going to be the biggest band in the world’ nonsense in the NME, then pioneering the Dapper Laughs Method by putting on a black shirt, apologising, and starting a synthpop band.


I remember one of their fans complaining that viva brother had a huge sale on their merchandise shortly before announcing their breakup


i assume it’s all worth a fortune on ebay now, so they were just helping to increase profit margins! very considerate if you ask me!


Are these the “Psycedelia Smith” people?


The 1975 did exactly the same thing tbf.


They were on Letterman?! What the wtf.


Fuck you