Vivian girls

Reforming. New album





Sweeeeeeeeeet! In the long run I think I preferred La Sera, especially this song:


That’s my favourite La Sera one too. That album and Sees the Light were great. Their last one considerably less so but seeing as Ryan Adams produced it I think we can overlook it.

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Oh Christ the last one was not so great but I’d forgot about RA on it :face_vomiting:


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This is excellent news

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New track


Oh this wasn’t meant to be a reply, ah well :man_shrugging:

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I’ll take it

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Her husband was in his band for a few years (and properly called him out after everything broke )

anyway no more taking about that wazzock

Vivian Girls! Yay! I first saw them when I was on holiday in NYC in 2008 and all the local press were going wild over their debut, and they were playing a bunch of shows in semi dodgy Brooklyn warehouses (so late 00s). They were shambolic and brilliant and - very DiS here - I somehow got into a discussion with Cassie about what the best Smashing Pumpkins single was :partying_face:

Anyway I saw them a whole bunch of times and they were always great, so I’m super happy about this.

We saw them at SXSW in 2009, when they played about 15 shows in four days or something. They were great.

The played in a little bar with Lovvers and When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth. Good gig.

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Is it time for the late 00s nostalgia reunions now?

Nah one of them taking to time out to have a kid is sound though.
It’s a new album and not a reunion, titles shit. My bad

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Loved the debut album but saw them live - somewhere in Camden - and thought they were awful. Never returned to the album after that.

They totally did split up (although they hadn’t done much for a few years)

Great trip, that. Couldn’t move for sets by them, the Mae Shi and Future of the Left.

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Yeah im really drunk but I mean that it’s a new album not a cash in

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Actually, I’ve just looked back through my diary, and we went in 2010 and saw them then.