Vocal filler words, phrases and noises

Basically the thing is

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this is the worst thing about podcasts when you hear people doing this. When you notice how many times someone says “like” for example

La Cucaracha

What I’m trying to say is

Yeah, nah.


Aw look



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Kind of
Sort of

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When you really think about it

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It is what it is
Not being funny

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I’m not being racist but

i mean

word is born

you know

Alright, Crash Test Dummies



If that makes sense

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you know what I mean?

I don’t do much of this, I speak quite clearly. It comes from working in call centres for ages.

One of my Dad’s Irish cousins married a Frenchman and they had a daughter. She speaks English with an Irish accent but the ‘er’ and ‘um’ sounds she makes while thinking about what to say have a French accent – it’s wonderful