Vocalist available


Vocalist seeking bands/projects. Anything considered but influences include Bowie, Kraftwerk, My Bloody Valentine, The Smiths, Savages, Tame Impala, Diiv, Talk Talk, Sonic Youth, Sisters Of Mercy, Kate Bush, The Cure, Brian Eno, House Of Love, John Cooper Clarke, Luke Haines, Tangerine Dream, Mogwai, Pet Shop Boys, King Tubby, A Place To Bury Strangers, Sleaford Mods, and so on…


Do you have a sound cloud account or any samples?


I can email you over a recent demo?


Sure. T_wilbey@hotmail.com


Hi there,

We are 2 bassists & a drummer in London looking for a creative guitarist/singer to add to our sound. We’ve been slowly crafting music much in the vein and elements of avant garde, experimental & noise rock. We have all been playing in bands and our instruments for near on 20 years so would be looking for someone with similar experience, and band/live experience. Ideally eventually we would like to add to the set up to possibly include electronics and other instrumentation to broaden the sound.

So far the 2 basses have been filling in most the space, so having the capability to also play in-between what’s going on and with more effects than chord progressions would be great, as well as restraint when called for.

A couple of influences of ours include U.S Maple, Fugazi, Polvo, Dianogah, Enablers, Fuck Buttons etc. These are some rough jams and ideas recorded in practice (probably best to listen on headphones due to sound quality!) if you think you fit the bill give us a shout!



Matt, Kev & Ash