Vocaroo Pronunciation Thread

hello everyone

how would you pronounce the word ‘Chandos’

as in
The Duke Of Chandos
Chandos Place
The Chandos (pub)


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whenever I go past chandos road with my partner I like to make the joke that it is named after “cheeky nandos”


I dunno how it’s supposed to be pronounced

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fantastic start

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I of course am above that


i’m not convinced anyone does… know how it’s pronounced

sorry misread your post :sweat_smile:

fuck sake

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Whenever i see this (there’s a road or a hall or something near me) i always say it in the most 90s mancunian accent i can summon and pronounce it chan dos.

Orrrrrr yeah, off to chandos madfertit me mint bobbins sunshine


Best Baron Chandos

Roger de Chandos, 1st Baron Chandos (d. 1353) was probably 1st Lord Chandos.
Thomas Chandos, 2nd Baron Chandos (c. 1333-1375) (claimant)
John Chandos, 3rd Baron Chandos (c. 1349-1428) (claimant) (peerage abeyant 1428)
Giles Brugge, 4th Baron Chandos (1396-1467) (abeyance terminated 1458, on the death of his cousin)
Thomas Brugge, 5th Baron Chandos de jure (1427–30 January 1493)
Giles Brugge, 6th Baron Chandos (c. 1462–1 December 1511)

  • Roger
  • Thomas
  • John
  • Giles
  • More Thomas
  • More Giles

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Best Viscount Chandos

Oliver Lyttelton, 1st Viscount Chandos (1893–1972)

Antony Alfred Lyttelton, 2nd Viscount Chandos (1920–1980)

Thomas Orlando Lyttelton, 3rd Viscount Chandos (b. 1953)

The heir apparent is the present holder’s son, the Hon. Oliver Antony Lyttelton (b. 1986)

  • Oliver
  • Anthony
  • Thomas
  • More Oliver

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Duke arms


Viscount arms


  • Duke
  • Viscount

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Tough choice.

Two screaming weasels hold open a crowned vagina with a tiny racist lion inside


Three ghosts in a Robert Rodriguez movie resplendant on English Illuminati temple

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Keep zooming in on the duke’s one and finding new surprises - the strange floating hat man at the very top.

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Llanfair PG ridiculous train name would be St Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel, which is kind of more beautiful I think.