Vocaroo Spin-off Thread: Show us yer best accent


Mine is Australian. And I’m terrible at it.


Was going to make this exact thread maybe

@Avery I heard you’re from Wakefield.

@Avery ah look mate, you’re also fond of being Australian when the crickets on.

I love it :joy::heart::heart:

speaking as a non australian person with no australian friends or family I think you did a good job

Pity like :woman_shrugging:


Is doing accents offensive? I feel like when it’s done with genuine appreciation for the accent it’s like an affectionate homage.

It’s actually alright you should talk like that the next time you’re in Scotland


it probably is but I would love for somebody to try my accent but it’s too boring to be worth it

ok turns out I can’t do any scottish accents at all

or irish.

Bare with me there might be one I’m good at

I once did a Paul McCartney which was 7/10

But then I have a boring southern English accent so don’t know if I can judge.
Feel like there’s a massive difference between doing a mocking impression to take the piss and having a go at an accent that you like.

I long to be able to say even one phrase in a saffer accent. So difficult.

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What’s your accent, Bam?

don’t have one, I’m just the everyman

I’m like you without the touch of class :wink:

this is what I sound like all the time



I don’t think this is very convincing