Vocaroo thread - put a voice to the face - INTEREST GAUGING


This is probably a terrible idea but new DiS has been pretty instrumental in putting names to faces but what do we all sound like eh? I propose we use vocaroo to record a line of dialogue chosen by a DiSer, once you’ve recorded and uploaded you get to nominate a DiSer and write them something they have to recite. Good thing about vocaroo is you can remove the file pretty quickly so your voice won’t be in the ether forever.

Could go full bants and be a terrible, terrible mistake so I’m gauging interest (if any) first.

  • I am up for this, my projection is immaculate
  • I hate the sound of my own voice and/or fuck off, mate

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:left_speech_bubble: :speaking_head: The official 'who the fuck do you sound like' Vocaroo thread :left_speech_bubble: :speaking_head:

Never again, after the washing my hams debacle.


It’s most likely a terrible idea but thought I’d give it a go.


I LOVED that video. <3


‘Washing my fucking hams’


what’s this? sounds intriguing


that whole tea towel thread was utterly amazing tbf


and you call these hams washed despite the fa


tea towel thread: http://drownedinsound.com/community/boards/social/4458304

resulted in: https://vine.co/v/OpjbIbb1iqK


:grinning: ‘Drying my fucking hams’


ah fucking hell the tea towel thread is GOLD


Isn’t it! :grinning::+1:


I don’t think I will argue as hard in my life again


my voice is the absolute worst :frowning:


:joy: :rofl:

This is amazing


You definitely won that thread PN! :grinning:


Always nice when there’s an oldDiS thread that’s just good, OTT beeving without any actual nastiness


I really hate my voice. Really hate it.

I was in a meeting with someone and we had to call them and for some reason whatever I could hear myself speak about 2 seconds after I said something.

I had screamed and left the room.

Therefore, I am in for this game.


Honest to fuck just popped into to see my mum and she was showing me her new tea towels that she’s dead happy with.


Poll should have had an " I’m not going to do it but will enjoy laughing at everyone else" option tbh