Vocaroo thread - put a voice to the face - INTEREST GAUGING


Would go along with this.

I had a similar idea (a thread where everyone records a cover version of a song off a particular album / song on a particular theme) but this is good.

My voice is pretty nondescript mind


If I didn’t have a mouth full of metal I’d be more up for this. The slight lispiness bugs the fuck out of me.


Do tell??


scroll down!


I had screamed
^ :confused:

I talk like that too. Kind of Danny Dyer mixed with Gemma Collins


We’ll be taking it into a private PM message I’m afraid.


when i did english a-level, we were all made to take it in turns to read from the book we were studying one day. when it got to my turn, i reduced the entire room (including the teacher) to uncontrollable laughter within about 5 minutes because, and i quote, “your voice is just. so. boring.”


you fucking wot m8


You fuckin heard pal


It’s You and I shouting into the void in that thread.


as i understand it, emo uses one tea towel to dry his dishes and face and a separate one to dry his hands and balls. that about it?


I actually use three

Fluffy: Hands
Standard: Dishes
Polishing: Glass Finishing


Alright your majesty


In my kitchen I dry my hands with

  • Tea Towel
  • Hand Towel
  • Kitchen Roll
  • The arse of my jeans
  • Other

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(5 if you include balls and face, it is important not to get them mixed up though)


If I was that lucky I think I’d a) Not be drying up so much stuff myself and b) Have a dishwasher


How do you do the actual recording of voice?


I actually have a dedicated TEA towel for HAND drying purposes now.

It is this tea towel I picked up in Texas.



I feel like someone needs to start TEA TOWELS 2: THE DAMPENING so we can move all these tangential posts there


@meowington! :heart: