Vocaroo thread - put a voice to the face - INTEREST GAUGING


that’s a tea towel, please change your answer


You can do it on your phone innit.


which one do you use to dry ham?


Imagine drying your hands on a hand towel. Kerazy right?!




It certainly didn’t fly in the old thread.


just seems like towel overload in the kitchen innit (I was uncharacteristically on the fence and reasonable in the original thread, IIRC)


1 tea towel and 1 hand towel hung over the oven handle isn’t it.


Doesn’t the hand towel just absorb loads of food gunk there? I’m a very messy cook


Sorry, I really want to get into this but I can’t get angry at either side of this argument. It’s just utter nonsense isn’t it




Just to get back to the point of the thread, @Icarus-Smicarus, @meowington, @willum, @elthamsmateowen, @JaguarPirate, @colon_closed_bracket, @Kallgeese, @imaperv and @saps - I’ll leave the thread open and see if anyone else joins tomorrow/over the weekend and then I’ll bump this and make the actual thread on Monday.


i do hate the sound of my own voice and will likely regret this


You can delete the sound file pretty sharpish man but I’m sure you’ve got a lovely lilt.


yeah i’ve done it before on old DiS tbf


I’m looking forward to this!


even though it’s really bland and to me seemingly accentless, kinda love my voice


Yes Bammers!


just got to the bit where smee googles ‘rosebudding’ and lolled out loud