Vocaroo thread - put a voice to the face - INTEREST GAUGING


Really, always though I was pretty obvious.


wtf? absolutely not.


Definite whistle on s sounds though. Guess what I’m going to be doing on my commute home. Saying s words!




Didn’t notice a lisp at all man!


@plasticniki @japes shows you what happens after years of hating your voice. After a solid 5 mins of saying s words, I definitely hiss


Never noticed yours.

Likewise my gf hadn’t noticed mine for the first 3 years of our relationship until I pointed it out and now she hears it and mocks me occasionally for it


Always associated yours with a buckie induced slur tbh


:slight_smile: Just my massive lips getting in the way of my s sounds


Oh you mean you’re just spilling food everywhere? I thought you meant a hand towel would somehow absorb more gunk than a normal towel, suggesting you didn’t actually wash your hands properly.

Learn cooking?

(Genuinely not a problem for me at all, they’ve always been there I’ve maybe spilled something on them once.)


First time I ever used smh as ‘smelling my hands’ too.


Up for it but sure I’ve posted at least a few podcasts or radio links before so my voice isn’t a total mystery to anyone who listened.


Is this going to be anonymous so we can guess who the voice is?


I’m not sure how we can do that without sending each other vocaroo links but in theory we could!


Apparently yes you can


What are we going to say? Is there a theme? Or just whatever we want?


Oh nice! Thanks man. Could you close this over the weekend and I’ll get back to it on Monday?


No worries fam Friday night okay?


In the op I’ve suggested I’ll record and say something then once I’ve posted I’ll nominate a DiSer and give them something to recite and then the next one does the same. You can play around a bit and say what you like but as long as you read out what your nominating DiSer has asked you to then I think all’s fair?