Vocaroo thread - put a voice to the face - INTEREST GAUGING


OK cool- I’ve chosen mine already I’m that case


Sweet! I’m not around until Monday now so gonna bump it and make an official thread then :+1:


Happy to do a vocaroo
Couldn’t give a monkeys about hand towels


I find it weird that I’m fairly happy with how my voice sounds in recordings, which is weird given how much of an insecure prick I am in many other respects


Welcome aboard!


The person I was sitting opposite at dinner tonight didn’t realise I was Scottish until I told him 2 hours in, so I’ll be really interested to hear what people think of my accent.


Get this going on the ol’ music board, I’d do one (hehe do one)


I can haz screamed?

I don’t need to do this. You can hear my dulcet tones here:

and here


“It’s like I’ve got nuts glued to my teeth”



That’s quite a cough


Always. I am a wreck.

In Bris 22nd to 31st if you’re still in the country, btw.


Oooh will be on Straddie from 22nd to 27th, but should be able to meet up after that (we fly on the 2nd)!


Okay, we will try to do this!