Vodka Revolutions

lot of sniffiness, probably deserved, but when its in the day or early evening, it is quite a decent bar and they do good food

this is my hot take

used to go there occasionally as an after-work venue in my old job. it was fine, enough variety that most people were happy and food was alright, as you say.

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That’s no way to speak about the Leninist uprising.


I had to go there for a Christmas do once.

My verdict is that it is “exactly the same as literally any other bar or busy pub in any city worldwide because they are all fundamentally identical to each other”


you obviously didnt get a 6 shot stick then!

They’re just called Revolution right? Confused as to why putting ‘Vodka’ on the front is now standard. “Vodka Revs maaaaaate”

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Went to one or two in my early twenties. Love a flavoured shot so I very much enjoyed getting one of those long wooden sticks with lots of shots stuck in. Not my scene nowadays though.

I’ve been to four of them I think:

One in Soho - opposite mate’s work
One in Clapham - next to friend’s work
One in Brighton - next to hotel we were staying in
One by Leadenhall Market - next to old work

Which suggests that they are fine for a proximity/convenience drink. In fairness, aside from the last one (which was absolutely rammed almost beyond the point of standing room only) they were fine…

Both these places have far superior drinking establishments literally next door. Why go to Revolution?

The Leadenhall one was for someone’s leaving do so space constraints ironically.

The Soho one - literally no idea…

Revolution used to be the upmarket, non-student vodka place in Newcastle, compared to the Virgin Vodka Bar that was in the old Mayfair.

Virgin vodka bar was the first place I ever had a vodka redbull, in my freshers week.

I’ve never been to one. Cheers.


First time I ever went to one was in Newcastle. We had a terrible weekend and I have always associated the chain it with that.

I’ve found the quality and vibe of these places varies wildly from city to city. The one in Reading is a regular Revs upfront, and a full-blown club out the back (and it is horrific).

Errr… 1905?

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Did it have a big glass front, and kinda fake ice on the shelves? I haven’t been since the early 00s but when it first opened I remember feeling (as a student) that I was in a place far too upmarket for the likes of me.

It’s a wonderful old bank building, totally wasted as that bar. That part of Newcastle has a whole load of terrible places to drink in it though - it’s been nicknamed the ‘Diamond Strip’ and is basically full of footballers, the women who want to sleep with footballers, and the lads who want to sleep with women who want to sleep with footballers.

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Was it one of the first ones? I’d not heard of them before. The mate we were visiting was banging on about it for weeks. Only other place I remember was World Headquarters, which some of us couldn’t get into. Also remember missing my train and having to sit in the smoking carriage all the way up there.

Think you mean Na Zdorovie m9…

Which one - Revolution or Virgin?

Revolution is in a glorious old bank:

Virgin was the side bar of the Planet Earth nightclub. I do remember it having coppers encased in the glass bar, which I thought was cool as an 18 year old