Voice Commands On Your Phone

Sure everyone has tried out those voice recognition things on the phone to see if they’re any good and what not, but do you ever actually use it for practical purposes?

I never did because I am a wholesome person, but then when I was over a mate’s house once and he was cooking, he said “Siri, set timer for 10 minutes” and it was like “Timer set for 10 minutes” and I suddenly realised… that was a really good idea.

Hands covered in foody shit, need to cook something for a specific amount of time, BAM, problem actually solved and not just a gimmick.

So what I’m asking you, community of Drowned In The Sound, is are there any other practical uses that I’m missing out on here?


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whenever we see the ok google ad we say ‘ok google’ to each other in a scouse accent coz the gf’s stepdad is scouse and literally the only person weve seen use it. it didnt work and he just kept saying ‘ok google’ for fucking ages. we were just like, its ok mick ive typed in what we’re searching for in my phone, and he just kept going ‘ok google’


Adam Buxton spoke to my Siri once via his podcast.


I don’t want to talk to my stuff and I wish tech companies would get over it.

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“Hey Siri call the missus”

When I’m driving

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Come on sadders, we both know that this is the common opinion, and it’s the one I hold too.

This thread is for people to PROVE US WRONG.

and for andyvine why not

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Mainly use it for telling me jokes tbh. The Google one has just added sound effects and emojis.

Yeah, that’s a good one, if you’ve got a fancy car that can make that work I guess

How does it speak an emoji?

Not really

ask it to time a minute for my inverted aeropress coffee brewing method

ask it for the weather as I put my shoes on before I leave the house in the morning


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It’s easier than using the voice commands for the car or the screen thing.

You’re right and I apologise.

“Siri, detonate all other Siris.”


yeah, as IF i’m going to let my phone learn what my voice sounds like.

If I was paying for Google Now or whatever it’s currently called then I might use it because I agree that some of these functions are potentially great.

But given that this is offered for free it makes me very suspicious.

What’s their end game? Is is it just to make us utterly dependent and then start charging? Or is it way, way, way more sinister than that? (Alright Charlie Brooker).

one of those things I hope I never do

I got one of the Amazon Alexa thingys last Christmas and after the initial novelty of asking it daft questions wore off I did wonder why people were so excited about these things.

MIne’s now largely a glorified egg timer, as mentioned in the OP, it’s also handy for reminders, so I’ve put in reminders to get cards for birthdays and what-not. Oh, I listen to digital radio on it quite a bit because it’s easier yelling out what station I want rather than fiddling with the radio. Umm, that’s about it.

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i will never talk to my phone

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