Voice Commands On Your Phone



Only use it to text nonsense to the TV while she’s sitting next to me


Probably one for the annoying your partner thread but upon waking up most Saturday mornings I’d ask Siri to read out the Premier League fixtures. She used to pronounce ‘city’ like ‘citeh’ which was good.


I ask my phone to set timers for cooking, but other than that I don’t think I use it at all.

  • Egg Timer
  • Sending text messages whilst I’m driving
  • Controlling the music whilst I’m driving
  • Telling me the time when I’m out with the dog and my hands are full and I forgot to put a watch on


You’re probably getting more use out of yours than 90% of people who own one.


We seem to do this thread a lot.


I said “OK Discobot, has this thread been done before” and the bastard just said


:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


but that bastard can’t stop lying so I posted it anyway.


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Alexa? Delete Drowned in Sound…