I’ve brought this up casually before but it’s time for real chat.

They should be erased from this earth. They are terrible, and those who use them are basically immoral criminals.

Even WORSE for work stuff.

edit: For clarity and coz @GentleGiant makes a good immediate point - disabled or neurodivergent folks who need to use them is not the issue (and I know no one of this distinction - if i did, that would obv be understandable).


Invented purely to generate anxiety seemingly. And have you ever tried making one, jesus.


And to avoid anything easily searchable

Can’t get me on this coz Voicenotes are extremely anxiety inducing so it’s net neutral overall


That’s what I’m sticking to


People are more than welcome to send me voicemails or voicenotes but should be well aware that I will simply ‘never listen to them’


Got sent one a few months ago by a friend I hadn’t been in touch with for a while. Sending one back was a huge amount of stress - had to wait until I had privacy to do it, took about 4 attempts to record it, mine lasted about 2 seconds as I blurted all the information out at super speed. I’m not capable of sending a casual relaxed voicenote, I’m a bag of nerves.

Meant the conversation dried up very quickly as there was no way I was sending more than two of them.

Sometimes really struggle and overthink when I try to write something and find it much easier to just voice note it.

Also voice notes from hot people are good :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Exactly the opposite for me

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Only thing I use them for is for my daughter to sing happy birthday to a family member.

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(i know, i was not being fully serious in my reply dw, and it’s a good point)


If I’ve never sent a voice note to someone before I would usually ask first (I say usually cos I don’t always remember) also I don’t send them with the expectation that they be listened to right there and then.

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Only ever use them to do silly little in-jokes with my partner, couldn’t imagine having an actual conversation with them.

Don’t mind getting them, send them to those that don’t mind receiving them. It’s a lot easier to talk for a minute than type bare loads of paragraphs


I don’t like talking to people normally never mind the added stress of leaving recorded messages.
And as someone else said, I’m never listening to voicemails etc.

Love voicenotes :revolving_hearts:


Hate voicemails :x:


In Cambodia they love them because no one seems to have made a good khmer keyboard

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gonna just for the record say that it wouldn’t be hard to assume that me using the term ‘immoral criminals’ is impossible to take seriously, kind of staggered that it has been. i’m allowed to not like the use of something, and talk about it too, ‘no offence’ GG.

i actually did caveat my OP just as you were telling me what you didn’t really care about, btw.

I like voice notes. I have a new friend who I met online and then we progressed to back-and-forth voice notes on whatsapp before meeting and it was a really lovely way to get to know someone. Text messages miss so much of the underlying tone and voice notes allow for that so it’s a big :+1: from me.