Voices I can't stand

insert joke about MC Schama here




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Oh I get u lol


Hey, if you’re expecting me to accurately recall when stuff happened you’re barking up the wrong tree!

(In actual fact I was caught on the horns of a dilemma, vis: Do I say '90s kids because they would have grown up to an age where they would therefore listen to Creed in the early 2000s [I was born in '86, therefore was a kid mostly in the '90s, and would have been 14 when Maaah Saahcrifaace came out, which was in my prime music consumption years], or do I say 2000s kids? Quite the quandary I’m sure you’ll agree)

Bet the demand must be through the roof for that!

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Thom Yorke

grew up in surrey, meight.


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Used to be the same then something clicked and i love a good meaty guitar man bullshit song

I was so tempted to add ‘and I don’t like Eminem’s voice either’

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