Voise: A Decentralized Music Business Solution

      Voise is the first step in bringing the music business back & beyond its former glory. Based on blockchain technology made famous by Bitcoin and Ethereum, Voise is a digital currency with a music streaming platform. Voise boasts 100% revenue for musicians, this is game changing. If you’re a musician interested in business and learn a little bit about blockchain like me, you’ll have a light bulb moment like I did & realize this is perfect for the music industry.

Voise is supported by high profile artists such as grammy nominated Carolyn Malachi and DJ sensation Jinco. Singer and Songwriter Imogen Heap has expressed her interest in transforming the music business with blockchain technology and has spoken at Berkeley about it. Royalties can be tracked easily using blockchain and Spotify has acquired a blockchain company called media chain for this purpose.

Walkthrough on digital currency
Until this point, bitcoin was mainly used for investing, now there is streaming platforms, wallets, usable debit cards and a multitude of exchanges. I personally use an exchange that is based in my country so that I can easily deposit $CAD to my account through e-transfer, the exchange is called coinsquare. I’d recommend finding an exchange based in your country to easily make a deposit. The most difficult part of the process was getting my passport colour scanned at staples. Once your deposit is approved you can trade or send your currency to any other exchange or wallet in a highly secure manner. I send mine to coinexchange or bit-z from coinsquare so that I can buy the Voise token. Now you can register for an account on Voise.com for free music or music that’s received for a payment in digital currency. A fiat gateway and mobile apps are also on the company’s roadmap. The Voise team is constantly updating the system, you can witness all the new releases on twitter at https://twitter.com/voisecom

Viberate is another music business solution being developed with blockchain technology, focussed on the live music aspect of the business. In my opinion Viberate is like a combination of LinkedIn and IMDB for the music industry. Viberate has venues, musicians, booking agency’s, events, event organizers, concert tickets, analytical content, a very professional website and is supported by someone who is a big name in digital currency and highlighted in the Netflix movie Banking on Bitcoin, Charlie Schrem.
I personally use Livecoin to purchase the digital VIB token.

Ending Notes
Both Voise and Viberate are based on Ethereum technology & can be stored on Ledger Nano S hardware wallets as an ERC20 token for maximum security. When Master nodes are released they will be 600K Voise. Voise is currently trading at $0.01 USD but has been as high as $0.047616 in recent times and VIB is at $0.15 USD and just finished their Initial Coin Offering holding an original price of $0.285362 per coin. The date is October 26th, 2017


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Initial Coin Offering for Viberate was on 5th of September and it ended in 4 minutes.
The original price was $0.1 per coin.

Thanks for the correction, The highest price that I’ve noticed was $0.285362 and the ICO was $0.1

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Musicians can list their music on Voise.com at any price in exchange for 100% revenue in the form of an investable digital currency that can be withdrawn for cash.*


“The artist will receive 100% of the transaction minus a small fraction”

“a provision to make the entire song available for free in return for donations.”


There’s an asterisk but I can’t see the other asterisk