"Voldemort" "Macbeth"


Any other things that you’re not supposed to say?

This is probably a thread for tomorrow tbh.


don’t mention the war!




… Sessions.


candyman (x5)


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: Ant is watching Love Island guys


When my cousin was a wee lad he would act out by swearing very loudly in public places, embarrassing his parents. So one day his mum told him there was one word he must never say, because it was so unspeakably awful: “Ayabama”.

My cousin then proceeded to shout “Ayabama!”, and only that, from then on, and no one paid any attention to him.


I’m genuinely not! Have I just done a mad coincidence!?


Ah one of them just mentioned Voldemort so I assumed that was what had triggered this thread. Ok, your secrets safe with us Ant.


How peculiar!

(I’m actually watching Outside Source on the BBC News Channel which is frankly considerably more depressing than if I was watching literally anything else)



(this will only mean something to you if you’ve read the Wheel Of Time books)


Nobody has done that


Btw, if anyone is feeling brave enough to record themselves saying these things you’re not supposed to say it would impress all of us.


Maybe Theo has.


the chandrian


I hope so, that guy is the best


don’t tell him Pike!


Biggie smalls x3


Good luck - to someone about to perform in a play


can’t say merry christmas these days can you, bloody political correctness gone mad