"Voldemort" "Macbeth"






These days, if you say you’re English, you’ll get arrested and thrown in jail






I have not I’m afraid @Antpocalypsenow because it sounded like about 50% of the 12 (?) books were pointless and also it sounds like the most classic sword and sorcery stuff which I don’t really have much time for.

I have read Rothfuss though, yes :smiley:


Never read anything out loud from a mysterious book you’ve found buried, in an attic, in a basement, that’s been locked up or is entitled “book of the dead” especially the bit that’s probably in Latin or some unknown ancient language :ghost:



(As in never say never.)


gf’s nephew went through a phase when he was 3 of telling things to fuck off and calling them you bitch, which was funny. at one point he was thrashing his umbrella against the ground going you bitch! you bitch! you bitch!


14, baby




Don’t even think three times about this guy in front of a mirror



(if you’re a Goonie)