Anyone played volleyball before? I’m going to play on Wednesday for the first time and am worried it’ll be like this

Any tips as to how to be less bad very quickly? They said they take on all levels, and I’m not looking to be any good, just don’t want to spoil it for everyone else

Don’t hit anyone in the head with the ball.

Try not to smash the ball into the net, it’s very embarrassing.

I’ve never played volleyball.

This should give you a lot of pointers. Good luck and have fun, we are all counting on you

Yours is still the best advice so far though

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I don’t think I have time to get muscles

@ma0sm on Wednesday:

No, that’s just mean. Lohan was clearly in the wrong in this video.

No thats is what’s going to happen to you. Better stand at the back.

Yeah, that’s a risk. Won’t trust any of the fuckers.

Apparently there are 6 on each team.

And my mate told me there’s no position you can go in and kind of hide like when you were the furthest away fielder in cricket in school.

Yeah because the other team will sense/see your weakness and just continually slam it at you. I’ve seen this happen in doubles table tennis.

So you’re saying if I pretend I’m fucking amazing then people will be too worried to let the ball get to me and then I won’t have to do anything but will have an air of amazingness around me?

such a dutch thing to do :smiley:

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Yeah and swear at anyone who lets the side down. For fucks sake.

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Good point, I’m going to be the six foot little person aren’t I.

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What, humiliate a welshman on court?

If they humiliate me ON court then I’ll humiliate them IN court!

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