Nice vacuum cleaner DORK

Not with that attitude m9

How many aside volleyballs btw
you could just hide

Aside volleyballs? I don’t understand the question.

There’s one ball, and six players per team I believe, so 13 including the ball.

I love you htba, but please stay on topic.

It’s harder than you think

Fucking hell, it’s gonna be like waterskiing all over again but at least then I was only disappointing the water.

IN PE we invented Volleyminton. I could type up the rules and you could suggest playing that instead. I might need the consent of the other three though.

Please do

volleyball and ‘volleyminton’ are literally the same thing you idiots.

Is it hitting a volleyball with a badminton racquet until one breaks and you hide it under the bench so the teacher doesn’t notice.

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unless there are racquets involved obviously.

a-side I mean!

less room to hide
Fake an injury, play on with a ‘broken’ limb, win the hearts and minds of the crowd


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How can you possibly know this unless you were one of Balonz’s 3 associates?

I just know, okay.

The Frensham Three

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You’re thinking of GOODminton.

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plus their sidekick balonz

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Is it? NO IT IS NOT.

Do you play volleyball with racquets and shuttlecock? Can you pass amongst your own team in badminton? Do you know what you are talking about?

plus the other secrets

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I was wrong. I am sorry.

Ok. I’ll let this go.

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