Volunteering over chrimbo

Anybody do any? Not got any plans for xmas day and kind of hate it all really (sorry) so thinking about volunteering for crisis or something. Anyone done it?

Here’s a heartwarming story about notable misanthrope Steve Albini doing something similar:

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I think it is a wonderful thing to do and something I would like to do myself but I always think that it would probably be more worthwhile to volunteer in like February or whatever instead.

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My living sainthood unfortunately does not extend to actually inconveniencing myself for the sake of others, sorry.

(Good on you tbqfh)

can’t read huffpo because it requires advertising cookies


(DazBaz, a while ago you posted a link to a group providing tampons etc to refugees and I meant to set up a regular order after doing a one-off but couldn’t find the link again, does it still exist?)

Thanks for the link I’ve made a donation. Ridiculous that not everyone has access to such basic necessities.



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Nice one, cheers pal.

I would like to do this, but I’m not really sure where to even begin looking for places where I could realistically help out in my small town?