Vote for the UK's next cities! (nominations thread)

You may nominate 1 (one) place in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to be a city, and you have until 00:00 on Monday to submit your nominations.

There will be up to 64 nominees allowed. Places that are already cities, outside of England/Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland, or have fewer than 1,000 inhabitants are not eligible.

Please supply a supporting sentence for why you think this place should be a city. I’m already preparing to get very annoyed.

Current cities: List of cities in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

My nomination is BARNSLEY, SOUTH YORKSHIRE. I believe this should be a city because the Metrodome is a national treasure and it is the future capital of the United Kingdom/seat of government.

I nominate DiS. 6129 users, majority UK based (I think). Can be built of a solid foundation of rock and roll.


Always liked how Salford proudly wears its city status despite almost being swallowed up by Manchester urban sprawl, so in a similar vein I’m going to nominate BIRKENHEAD, MERSEYSIDE, because it has nice parks, a better rail system than Liverpool, a serious central market, loads of good bands and a great venue in the form of Future Yard.


I believe Stirling should be a city because it’s quite nice, has a castle and it just should be.

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BBC News | SCOTLAND | Stirling elevated to city status.

Didn’t happen. Fake.


Yes it dod.

Bournemouth - Because our congestion levels are at city status and 3rd highest in UK!!


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Not having it.

Happy for it though.

Well deserved.

Close the thread.

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Lewisham should be a city enclave inside London,if the City of London and Westminster can be cities, so can Lewisham.

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Places to be made into cities:

Ballywatticock, County Down.
Balix, County Tyrone

Their names.


Balloch, West Dunbartonshire please



Corby - I have been there and it will help English Scottish relations

Corby - fastest growing town in the UK (maybe Europe) with great links to the whole country via the A14, a perfect distribution hub