Vote on new moderators here [now with anonymous poll]

Okay here’s the list. I decided just to keep it very long.

We are not about to have 17 new moderators. Probably 3-5 victims at the moment? Everyone can have three votes in this poll.

  • andyvine
  • captainricebox
  • colinzealuk
  • im_on_safari
  • imaperv
  • japes
  • jazzballet
  • Jeremys_Iron
  • ma0sm
  • Ruffers
  • severed799
  • thewarn
  • VincentAdultman
  • wewerewerewolvesonce
  • whiterussian
  • xylo
  • Yesiamaduck

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The list should be in alphabetical order. I note that both wewerewolvesonce and jazzballet got huge support in the other thread so we will be taking that into consideration in any case.

Anonymous poll post

@ ing the nominees (10 per post limit)


The other 7 nominees


CAVEAT: there may still be a limit so it may be we’re only allowed like 2 or something :frowning:

Tough only picking three. Plenty of good candidates.


Got to respect @infinite_jest only giving two votes, thus leaving it implicit that the other 15 all matter equally.

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Guess it’s time for me to go out on me campaign trail


There are a lot of really good candidates there, I don’t think I can pick out three because it is pretty level between a lot of them tbf.

Though @anon73286315’s early campaigning is swaying me somewhat…

Three or four of those really wouldn’t be suitable.

Also, a vote could easily be compromised by secondary/joke accounts.

I would probably agree and that’s also why this poll isn’t secret. I felt the risk of joke/dodgy accounts voting outweighed anonymity.

I mean the whole point of opening up the floor was to get people voted for by users rather than based on who I thought was good.

I think you made a mistake making this a public vote Theo

I think it was fair enough making this a public vote, Theo.


Another campaign of fear and propaganda to keep safari out of office!! I do not recognise this public vote, its unconstitutional!

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Did you read my post above?

I may do an anonymous poll too to cross reference

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shouldn’t you guys confirm this first :smiley:

great bunch of mod candidates, may the best GBOLs win


Have no idea how. Fuck it and see!

TBH I thought it was wrong of me to leave you out. Maybe you’ll do better in the anonymous poll.

In any case I want to step down so there is definitely one mod space going.

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